Planning Board Meeting Minutes November 16, 2022

Jun 16, 2023 | Planning Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING OF Nov 16, 2022




William VanAlst            -Chairman

Lindsay Yoder                -Board Member

Carol Queal                   – Board Member

Sharon Valyear-Gray     – Board Member

Paul Tenney                   – Board Member

Mary Ellen Schmidt      – Board Member

Anita Taylor                  – Board Member


Walt Kershenski           – Recording Secretary

Gerry Wood                 –  CEO/ZEO

Richard Squires              -Alternate Board Member






OTHERS PRESENT: Andrew Darling, Cathy Worthington


    Chairman VanAlst called the regular meeting of the Town of Stafford Planning Board to order at ­­­­­­7:00 p.m.


         Approval Sept. 28, 2022 Meeting Minutes:

Motion made by Planning Board Member Queal and seconded by Planning Board Member Yoder to approve the minutes of the Sept 28, 2022 Meeting Minutes as submitted by Secretary Walt Kershenski.   Motion passed 4 to 0.  Sharon Valyear-Gray, Paul Tenney, Mary Ellen Schmidt & Anita Taylor abstained because they were not present at the September meeting.


October 26, 2022 meeting canceled.


       2  a.)  OLD BUSINESS:

Update on proposed Solar Farm, Wood property, Batavia Stafford Townline Rd.

Chairman VanAlst reported to the Board Members that 2 Area variances have been granted by the ZBA to to the project to implement a Solar Farm on the Batavia Stafford Townline Rd.  Applicants have requested relief from the guaranteed home value provisions of the Solar Local Law to the Town Board.  No Action has been taken by the Town Board at this time.






       3 a)  NEW BUSINESS


Meeting Schedule for 2023


MEETING DATE                                          APPLICATION DEADLINE

JANUARY 25                                                    JANUARY 17


FEBRUARY 22                                                  FEBRUARY 14


MARCH 22                                                       MARCH 14


APRIL 26                                                          APRIL 18


MAY 24                                                            MAY 16


JUNE 28                                                           JUNE 20


JULY 26                                                            JULY 18


AUGUST 23                                                     AUGUST 15


SEPTEMBER 27                                                SEPTEMBER 19


OCTOBER 25                                                   OCTOBER 17


*NOVEMBER 29                                              NOVEMBER 21


DECEMBER 27                                                 DECEMBER 19


Meetings normally are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted, with the application deadline 8 days prior to the meeting date.

* November meeting is the FIFTH Wednesday of the month to avoid conflicts with the holiday.         


Motion by Planning Member Queal and seconded by Planning Member Valyear-Gray to accept the Planning Board Meeting schedule for 2023 as submitted by Chairman VanAlst.  Motion passed 7 to 0.


3 b)  Upcoming applications  Misc.:


Payment for approved training clarified by Town Bookkeeper:  Need to provide a certificate of training to the Town Clerk.  4 hours of approved training required each year.   Attendance at an approved training session for up to 2 hours to receive pay equivalent to one meeting.  Attendance at a session over 2 hours will receive pay equivalent to two meetings.






Chairman VanAlst noted that a Party Barn on Rt. 237 has been hosting events there without a permit.  The ZEO reported that there has been no action taken regarding the failure of the property owners to submit a completed Special Use Permit Application to the Town Board for operation of their Special Event Venue at the home at 7790 Rt. 237.   Consensus of the Planning Board was for the Chairman to send a letter to the Town Board urging them to take action.  A draft letter will be sent to Planning Board members for review before sending to the Town Board.


Chairman VanAlst stated that the Casper farm in Stafford is selling Beef that they raise on their farm at the farm location. Chairman VanAlst discussed the matter with County Planning.  They indicated that the NYS Dept. of Ag and Markets has jurisdiction and allows this type of business.  It was suggested by County Planning that the Town could request a Site Plan Application for approval for this kind of business.  He also was advised by the County that the Town cannot restrict an Agriculture Farm business from selling its products on-site.


  1.   Correspondence/Workshops/Reports/General Information:


        5.  Adjournment:

A Motion was made by Planning Board Member Queal

and seconded by Planning Board Member Valyear-Gray to close the Planning meeting at 8:00 PM.  Passed 7to 0. 

Approved at the Dec. 28, 2022 meeting