Planning Board Minutes December 28, 2022

Dec 28, 2022 | Planning Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING OF Dec 28, 2022


William VanAlst            -Chairman

Lindsay Yoder                 -Board Member                           

Carol Queal                   – Board Member

Sharon Valyear-Gray     – Board Member

Paul Tenney                   – Board Member

Anita Taylor                  – Board Member

Richard Squires              -Acting Board Member

Walt Kershenski           – Recording Secretary

Gerry Wood                   CEO/ZEO


Mary Ellen Schmidt      – Board Member 

OTHERS PRESENT: Andrew Darling

Chairman VanAlst called the regular meeting of the Town of Stafford Planning Board to order at ­­­­­­7:04 p.m.   

1:  Approval Nov 16,  2022 Meeting Minutes:

 Motion made by Planning Board Member Valyear-Gray and seconded by Planning Board Member Queal to approve the minutes of the Nov. 16, 2022 Meeting Minutes as submitted by Secretary Walt Kershenski.   Motion passed 7 to 0.        


a:    Updates on projects/applications:

Chairman VanAlst sent a letter to the Town Board Supervisor regarding a home in Stafford that is hosting social events in their Barn at 7790 Rt 237 without an approved special use permit. 

 Mr. Casper attended the December Town Board meeting regarding a Zoning permit.  He also is apparently selling beef at his farm; on Rt. 5.  While the Ag & Markets laws allows him to do so, he needs a site plan for parking and circulation.

Chairman VanAlst needs information regarding Planning Board Members terms of office.  There appears to be a Spreadsheet in the Town Clerks  office depicting the terms of office. This spreadsheet  needs to be updated. Several of the Planning Board Members confirmed their dates of appointment and expirations. This information will be passed on to the Town Clerk.    

b:  Open Discussion topics

2023 Town Planning Board meeting dates need to be posted on the bulletin Board and also on the Town WEB site.

A brief discussion ensued regarding a request to conduct monthly Town Planning Board meetings in the town hall court room.  Chairman VanAlst responded with a letter stating several reasons why it would be impractical for the Town Planning Board to conduct meetings in the Town Hall Court Room. The Planning Board members were in agreement.


4.  Correspondence/Workshops/Reports/General Information:

5.  Adjournment:   

A Motion was made by Planning Board Member Queal and seconded by Planning Board Member Valyear-Gray to close the Planning meeting at 7:37 PM.  Passed 7to 0.  

Approved at the Jan 25,  2023 meeting