Planning Board Minutes July 27, 2022

Jun 16, 2023 | Planning Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING OF July 27.  2022




William VanAlst            -Chairman

Lindsay Yoder                -Board Member

Sharon Valyear-Gray     – Board Member

Anita Taylor                  – Board Member

Paul Tenney                   – Board Member

Richard Squires              – Acting Board Member


Walt Kershenski           – Recording Secretary

Gerry Wood                 –  CEO/ZEO



Carol Queal                   – Board Member

Mary Ellen Schmidt      – Board Member




OTHERS PRESENT: Andrew Darling, Thomas Thompson, Cathy Worthington


    Chairman VanAlst called the regular meeting of the Town of Stafford Planning Board to order at 7:01 p.m.  

  1. Approval June 22, 2022 Meeting Minutes:

Motion made by Board Member Valyear-Gray seconded by Board Member Tenney to accept the minutes of the June 22,  2022; Planning Board Meeting as submitted by Secretary Walter Kershenski.  Approved  4  to 0 vote.

Absent Lindsay Yoder & Paul Tenney for June meeting.

Absent Queal & Schmidt for July Meeting



Application for Land Separation – David & Tonya Stephens thru agent David Kent – Parcels on Prole Road and Horseshoe Lake Road, TMP 1.-2-58.11 and 6.-1-60.2

Gerry Wood, Town CEO/ZEO brought the Planning Board up to date on recent purchases and distributions of the property.  Original application specifications therefore have changed so the Planning Board members decided to take no action at this time and to table any action at this time until the August ZBA meeting.











                   Thomas Thompson submitted an application for a Special Use Permit to operate a used auto dealership at 5860 Clinton St. Rd.  

         Chairman VanAlst noted that there is nothing in the Stafford Town Ordinance that allows that kind of use in an A/R Zone.  Cannot be classified as a home occupation. Options would be to apply for an Auto repair Use Variance or petition the Town Board to rezone the area to commercial which may be considered spot zoning.  No Action taken at this time.


  1.   Correspondence/Workshops/Reports/General Information:

Budget Discussion


        5.  Adjournment:

A Motion was made by Planning Board Member Valyear-Gray and seconded by Planning Board Member Taylor to close the Planning meeting at 7:46 PM.  Passed 6 to 0.


Walter Kershenski, Planning Board Recording Secretary

Approved at the August 24, 2022 meeting