Public Hearing on Town of Stafford Budget for 2023, November 14, 2022

Apr 27, 2023 | Town Board Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 14, 2022

Supervisor Clement opened the Public Hearing for the Town of Stafford 2023 Budget on November 14, 2022, at 7:00pm by reading the Public Hearing Notice published in the Batavia Daily News. In attendance were Councilman Ronald Panek, Councilman James Duyssen, Councilman Robert Pacer and Supervisor Clement, Councilman Schramm was absent. Highway Superintendent Steve Boldt and Town Clerk Barbara Radley were also in attendance.
Others present were, Phyllis Darling, Carolyn Casper, James Call, Cathy and Dale Worthington, Joshua Casper, Crystal Casper, Don and Barb Mullen, Andrew Darling, Gary Snell, Eric Wiess, Bob Marcseill, Howard Owens, and Gerry Wood.
Supervisor Clement asked if there were any questions regarding the Budget at this time. Cathy Worthington had a few questions; the Preliminary Budget was not allowed to be given to anyone who asked for it, why? Supervisor Clement then stated that those were the rules and regulations, once the Budget was approved, copies would be available. Another question is why the Town Clerk receives an increase of $9,000.00 when she said that there would be a savings this year? Supervisor Clement responded by saying that an increase can be granted and still save money. Councilman Panek stated that the history of the Town Clerk with the previous Clerk salary started at $32,000.00 then went to $36,000.00 and again down to $32,000.00 because the County took over the tax collection. Now, all systems are fully functioning; the Taxes were collected and returned on time with compliments from the County Treasurer. The hunting and marriage licenses are reinstated and correct with no complaints from judges that the license had to be returned to be corrected. Dog licenses are not fully corrected but are being worked on; the old census was not conducted properly, and checks and licenses were found in the vault and not processed. The County would have charged us $8,000.00 to process the taxes this year and the Deputy Clerk, in the past had expended the budget in six months. The comparison is not an apples-to-apples comparison because money had been expended and systems were far behind. GAM provides the cost comparison for the county, and we are in the lower half of Clerk pay for all the Towns in the county.

The Town Hall Contractual line was questioned. This is for any incidentals for the Town Hall, examples being utility bills, phones, computers, security systems, etc. All these have increased as well as anyone’s home bills. The Printing and Mailing category was questioned because it went from $0.00 to $2,000.00 the Town Clerk explained that that expense is targeted to having a mailed Newsletter twice a year and it costs $1,000.00 each time.
The Record Management line is for keeping the records up to date and codification updates.
The attorney budget is up for enforcing the Codes and Zoning in Town.
The Planning and Zoning Board section; the Planning Board has an increase, not the Zoning Board.
The Bicentennial never occurred because of COVID, and unknown if it will happen, that is up to the Historical Society.
Don Mullen asked about the Tax Levy, it is currently $.89, and will raise to $1.24; in 2022, that was the 3rd lowest in the county. We should and did have three to six months in reserve according to the Comptroller’s Office.
The Public Hearing closed at 7:31pm.