Public Information Meeting Minutes January 25, 2023

Jan 25, 2023 | Town Board Meeting Minutes


JANUARY 25, 2023   

Supervisor Clement opened the Public Information Meeting at 7:00PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

In attendance were Councilman Panek, Councilman Schramm, Councilman Duyssen, Councilman Pacer, Highway Superintendent Boldt and Town Clerk Radley.

Also in attendance were residents, Cindy Baldwin, Steve McQuillen, Cathy Worthington, Ashley Fauth, Kathy Hyde, Charles Lee, Greg, K. Leanos, Harold Leanos, Gene and Brandy Lundfelt, Cindy A Zarcone, Rich and Cynthia Mapes, Elaine Dorris, William D., Ronald Torcello, Thomas Quatterini, Cinda Quattrini, Joe Graff, Melinda Hagen, John Midwick, Bob Schultz, James Pontillo, Dan and Cheryl DiMartino, Gina and Jeff Lathan, Jennifer Alejandro, Eric Wies from Clark Patterson, Engineer.

Mr. Wies spoke of the current project, Water District # 12; he told of the project starting out at 3.14 million dollars, 1.35 million dollars for the cost to the residents in this district. The County will help with $416,000, and other grants are secured. Petitions were signed and presented to the Town Board to start the project, then a Public Hearing, bids and applications for grants. 

The bids were opened in May of 2022 and the price increased because of COVID which put the project over budget and put the project on hold until we received more grant money. Municipal Solutions has helped us secure a WIIA Grant which gave us an additional $1.65 million.

Mr. Wies handed out a map of the Water District with a cost summary; this explains the expenses for the residents of the Water District. This project has chosen to use PVC pipes because of availability and cost. 

The loan for this project is at a low interest rate of 1.35% and for a term of 38 years. Most of this project has single family homes considered a unit, there are a few .5 units which is unusable land. There are 91 units altogether. The Debt Service charge to each property will be for a period of 38 years at $505 per year and there will be a quarterly charge for the water. There is a Capital Reserve Fund at a charge of $60 per year; this will be put into the bank and used for repairs that may occur.

The public must be made aware of the costs increases to the project from the initial cost of $885 to $945 per year. The project has to be reviewed and explained before going forward. The bids have not been rejected since those prices have not changed and money is in the contingency to cover any fees.

A question was asked about not hooking up to the water. There will still be a Debt Service Charge on your tax bill of $505, but there is an option to install a tap for service but not hook up completely for a fee. This is a much less expensive option if the homeowner decides later to hook up. This is a one-time fee for future use.

Contractors will be available to run the pipe from the tap into the home for a cost to the homeowner. It was suggested to get at least three quotes and possibly band together with neighbors in the hope of reducing that cost.

Another question is whether anyone could keep their well. Yes, that is possible, but it needs to be separated from the Monroe County Water Authority lines and inspected periodically for a fee. If there is a significant growth in the Water District, there is a possibility of reducing the Debt Service charged. 

The Water Authority will have a sign-up session for residents to come and pay the fee when the project is ready; it will be announced at that time.  An estimated time for the beginning of the project is late summer; not set in stone, only a projection. We are looking at a time frame of 2-3 months completion once the project starts. The Town Board will have the final vote on behalf of the residents and will do this by a resolution.

There will be water mains of 8 inch and 12-inch, Genesee County will pay for the 12 inch water main. The water meters will be installed by the Water Authority and will be able to read the meter electronically as the Meter Reader drives by and the homeowner is responsible for any damage done to the meter.

Some homes may need a Flow Reduction Meter, the pressure runs anywhere from 55 psi to 125 psi. The contractor installing the water pipes may be able to assist anyone with that question as to whether it is needed or not.

New York State requires that every property, except Ag land to pay the Debt Service whether there is a hook up or not. Most properties are charged one unit for this. The benefits are for Fire Protection, a Fire Hydrant will be installed along the main, which may give the homeowner a decrease in the insurance rates, and the value to the home is increased because of municipal water.

This meeting was a Public Information Meeting because the Daily News did not publish the ad at the correct time frame, we will reschedule the meeting for a Public Hearing.

Councilman Pacer made a motion to adopt Resolution 11, to set a Public Hearing on February 13, 2023 on Water District # 12, second by Councilman Panek and approved on a Roll Call Vote as follows:

Councilman Panek Yes

Councilman Schramm Yes

Councilman Duyssen Yes

Councilman Pacer Yes

Supervisor Clement Yes

Councilman Duyssen made a motion to approve Resolution 1-Designation of Official Depository, second by Councilman Panek and approved on a 5-0 vote.

Councilman Panek made a motion to approve Resolution 2-Authorization for the Supervisor to Pay Certain Claims Prior to Audit, second by Councilman Schramm and approved on a 5-0 vote.

Councilman Pacer made a motion to approve Resolution 3- Payroll Schedule for 2023, second by Councilman Panek and approved on a 5-0 vote.

Councilman Panek made a motion to approve Resolution 4-Adoption of Salaries for 2023, second by Councilman Duyssen and approved on a 5-0 vote.

Councilman Panek made a motion to approve Resolution 5-Establishing Workday for Elected and Appointed Officials, second by Councilman Duyssen and approved on a 5-0 vote.

Councilman Panek made a motion to approve Resolution 10-Purchase a Used Tractor with Mower and Broom for the Highway Department, second by Councilman Pacer and approved on a 5-0 vote.

The Code and Zoning Enforcement office was discussed. The Town Board has rehired Gene Sinclair as a Part Time Officer and now we have coverage every morning from 8am – 12pm. Gerry Wood has Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Gene has Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; each working 12 hours per week. It was asked about evening or weekend hours because people work and are unable to visit during the week; the hours can be modified if this is the case. As of this time no time sheets are turned in and a resolution will be available for February’s meeting.

Supervisor Clement has a letter from the County saying that Grant money is available up to $5000.00 per municipality. Municipal Solution does write grants for us for a fee. It will be investigated to see if we could use this grant to add to the WIIA Grant we just received.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Gina Lathan were present as Supervisor Clement read a letter to the Town Board from Planning Board Chair William Van Alst regarding Jeffery and Gina Lathan Event Venue Barn Permitting at 7790 Route 237. Mr. and Mrs. Lathan had just attended the Planning Board meeting prior to this meeting. It was found that the permits were incomplete and there were misunderstandings regarding this.

The Lathan’s were concerned about their barn and property being talked about around town and the misconceptions of what was being held at the barn. They have hosted family gatherings, grad parties, weddings, showers, etc. They have also held non-profit fund raisers with no fee at the barn. At times, people have alerted the Code Office that there were large gatherings, the Code Officer then would investigate and once has asked that the event be shut down and to have the guests removed.

The Lathan’s were informed that a Special Use Permit was needed with 19 items to be in place for this to occur; the Special Use Permit would be for Indoor/Outdoor Uses. The Lathan’s have reached out to the Genesee County Health Department for a permit or approval. The Health Department had advised them that no permits were needed from the Lathan’s, the vendors who cater the event would need the permits. The Liquor Authority was also contacted and the same reply was given.

The Lathan’s also feel that the Permit Fees were over stated. They had paid $325.00 and later found that the fee should only be $75.00. They would pay in increments and was led to believe that it was all due at once.

The Lathan’s presented the Board with a copy of the Incident Report that was filed with the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office. This was a complaint on June 28, 2022 of a party not authorized by the Town. The Town Board will take this under advisement.

The Code Officer also told the Lathan’s that they were not allowed to hold any functions at the barn. Mr. and Mrs. Lathan told the Board that Mr. Wood is not ever allowed to be on the property or have any dealings with them. They asked that Mr. Sinclair handle all actions, permits etc. with them. They did state that they will have the permit for the deck closed with Mr. Sinclair and will not seek any other permits at this time. The Lathan’s have also asked that Mr. Wood be suspended for his actions toward them.

The Lathan’s thanked the Planning Board and the Town Board for their time and listening to all their concerns.

The Lathan’s are also filing a complaint with the Attorney General on this matter.

The Town Board then adjourned to Executive Session at 9:55pm.

The Town Board then returned from Executive Session at 10:35pm. Councilman Pacer made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:35pm, second by Councilman Panek and approved on a 5-0 vote.

Respectfully Submitted

Barbara Radley

Town Clerk