The taxes have be turned into the County and for the second year the taxes were successfully collected with no errors. I am happy to have collected the taxes here in Stafford saving the taxpayers many dollars.

We have a new website designer and saving a lot of money by changing companies. Please bear with me as I get the website fully implemented. We are getting there for sure.

By now, you have received your Spring Newsletter, I hope you saved it for any information you may need and look for the next edition to be published this fall for new information.

The Town graciously allowed me to attend the Annual Town Clerk’s Conference in Syracuse this year. It was very informative as well as getting to know many other Town Clerks and sharing information as well as workshop sessions. I did learn a lot and looking forward to next year to learn more. 

Your Stafford Town Clerk,
Barbara Radley


Zoning, Building, Handicapped

Marriage Licenses
Conservation – Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Dog Licenses

Registrar Vital Statistics
Birth, Death, Marriage

Tax Collection (Town and County)
During Normal Business Hours

Notary Public Service
During Normal Business Hours

Voter Registration

Emery Park Reservations
May through October
Rules of the Park and Tennis Courts

FOILFreedom of Information Administration (FOIL)

Do I need to License my dog?

Dogs in the Town of Stafford are required to be licensed. A valid rabies certificate as well as a certificate of spay/neuter is required. Fees are:

  • Spayed/Neutered: $6.00/dog/year ($5.00 Town/$1.00 Animal Population Fund (APF) Surcharge)
  • Unspayed/Unneutered: $18.00/dog/year (15.00 Town/$3.00 APF Surcharge)
  • Purebred: $30.00—up to ten (10) registered purebred dogs/year plus the applicable APF surcharges
    • $60.00—11 to 25 registered purebred dogs/year plus the applicable APF surcharges
    • $100.00—26 to 100 registered purebred dogs/year plus the applicable APF surcharges
  • Replacement License Tag: $3.00
  • Impoundment/Seizure: As set forth in Section 117 in NYS Ag & Market Law
How can I obtain a handicapped-parking permit?

Applications are available in the Town Clerk’s Office and must be completed by the applicant and their physician. Permits are issued either in person or by mail.

Can I obtain a hunting or fishing license in Town Hall?

Yes, New York State Conservation Licenses may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office. Hunters should bring their driver’s license and either an old hunting license or a hunter education certificate when applying. No certification is necessary for fishing licenses. The fee varies according to the license type.

What forms of identification must I bring with me when I apply for a marriage license?

You must provide a valid Photo ID and a birth certificate or naturalization papers. If you have been married before, a certified Decree of Divorce or Death Certificate for each marriage, is required. Prospective Applicants must come together to apply for a license at least 24 hours before the wedding, but no more than 60 days in advance.  There is a $40 fee for a Marriage License.

Copies Of Vital Record

Copies of vital records for those individuals who were born, died or obtained their marriage license in the Town are on file in the Town Clerk’s Office. The fee is $10 per copy. You may request a copy by mail or in person.

We accept Credit Cards ( MasterCard/Visa)  for fees in the Town Clerks Office.

Freedom of Information

A Freedom of Information form (FOIL) is available here. The Town is also required to accept and respond to FOIL requests via email as well.  

Copies of FOIL requests will incur a fee of 25 cents per copy, and 10 cents for regular copies. 

How do I reserve a pavilion at Emery Park?

Check with our office to determine if the day you are interested in is available. Complete the application in the Town Hall, or on our website at the Pavilion Reservation Request Form.

Town Clerk

Barbara Radley

Town Clerk
NYS Notary & Registrar
DEC Trained for Hunting & Fishing Licenses
Website Administrator


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