Planning Board Meeting May 24, 2023

Jun 21, 2023 | Planning Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING OF May 24, 2023

Draft Copy



William VanAlst            -Chairman

Carol Queal                   – Board Member

Sharon Valyear-Gray     – Board Member

Paul Tenney                   – Board Member

Richard Squires              -Board Member

Lindsay Yoder                -Board Member



Walt Kershenski           – Recording Secretary

Gene Sinclair                 –  CEO/ZEO



Anita Taylor                  – Board Member



OTHERS PRESENT: Andrew Darling, Cathy Worthington, Reggie Macdonald, Tony Prinz, Lucas Torey, Joshua Casper


    Chairman VanAlst called the regular meeting of the Town of Stafford Planning Board to order at 7:03 p.m.  

      1:  Approval May 24, 2024 Meeting Minutes:

Motion made by Planning Board Member Queal and seconded by Planning Board Member Squires to approve the minutes of the May 24, 2023 Meeting Minutes as submitted by Secretary Walt  Kershenski.   Motion passed 7 to 0.


  1. Old Business: None


  1. New Business:


  1. Oath of Office – The Town Clerk was not able to attend the meeting to update the Oath of Office for Anita and Lindsay; alternate arrangements will be made.


  1. Cathy Worthington addressed the Board with questions regarding Special Use Permits and the permit process.  She was looking for a copy of all Special Use Permits issued in the past three years, among other items. She stated that she thought there were a lot of Special Use Permits issued recently, and she wondered why.


Chairman VanAlst explained that the Zoning Code allows certain basic uses in the various Zoning Districts, with other uses allowed by Special Use Permit.  Special Use Permits provide the Board with some added tools to make sure that development is done in a manner to benefit the community.  A copy of all Special Use Permits was previously kept in the Town Clerk’s Office; however, recent FOIL requests may have resulted in the files being separated into the folders for the various properties, since the Special Use Permit runs with the land.  Copies can be found in the individual property files in the Town Hall.      


Motion by Board Member Queal and seconded by Board Member Valyear-Gray to close Regular session at 7:15 PM.     Passed 6 to 0.

  1. Motion by Board Member Valyear-Gray and seconded by Board Member Tenney to Open Executive Session.

at  7:18 PM .  Passed 6 to 0


Interview of 4 candidates for the position of the Alternate Planning .Board Member position.

Motion by Board Member Queal and seconded by Board Member Valyear-Gray to Close Executive Session and reopen the regular meeting.  8:20 PM:

Passed 6 to 0.

Motion made by Board Member Tenney and seconded by Board Member Queal to recommend the appointment of Lucas Torrey as Alternate Planning Board Member to the Town Board.  Passed 6 to 0.

Chairman VanAlst will write a letter to the Town Board asking for their official action.


  1. Correspondence/Workshops/Reports/General Information



  1. A Motion was made by Planning Board Member Valyear-Gray

and seconded by Planning Board Member Queal to close the Planning meeting at 8:51 PM.  Passed 6 to 0. 

To be Approved at the June 28, 2023 meeting