Zoning Board Meeting Minutes – DRAFT May 15, 2023

Jun 14, 2023 | Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes


Stafford Zoning Board Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2023

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM


Crista Boldt                    -Board Member                                      Draft copy

Michael Lathan              – Chairman

Jim Balonek                  – Board Member

Leslie Krajewski           – Board Member

Jackie Ali                       -Board Member

Tim Thomas                  – Alternate Board Member


Walt Kershenski            – Recording Secretary


Public;         Andrew Darling,





Open regular Meeting at 7:04 PM


May 15, 2023 meeting minutes approval

Motion by ZBA Member Balonek and seconded by ZBA Member Ali to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2023 ZBA regular meeting.

Passed 5 to 0.


  1. Old Business

No Old Business


  1. NEW Business:

            Review of procedures for ZBA Board processing Variances and Public Hearings.

Chairman Lathan suggested to the ZBA Board Members that it may be time to revise the procedures to review approval of Variance requests.  He suggested that applications should be reviewed at the regular initial monthly meeting and that the required public hearing session should be performed at the same time to speed  up the process rather than at the next 2 Month monthly meeting.  A suggested outline procedure  would be as follows:

  • Open a Public Hearing!


  • 15 days prior to the regular monthly ZBA meeting the CEO/ZEO will forward the application to the ZBA Secretary
  • Letters will be sent to the adjoining property owners and also a notification will be published in the Batavia Daily News advertising a Public Hearing at the upcoming regular ZBA Meeting. Town WEB site will be updated accordingly and notices will be posted in the Town Building Foyer


  • ZBA Board at their regular monthly meeting will review the application, accept the application and ask them to discuss the variance proposal with the neighboring property owners.



  • Close the Public Hearing and reopen the regular meeting.
  • Motion to accept or deny the Variance Application by the ZBA Board Members.
  • Application accepted or denied.


3    Correspondence/Workshops/Reports/General Information

Newsletter Article for Town Clerk’s Town Newsletter



4    Adjournment:

Motion was made by ZBA Member _Krajewski and seconded by ZBA Member Tomas to close the meeting at 7:35 PM.


Walter Kershenski ZBA Recording Secretary

To be Approved at the June 19, 2023 ZBA meeting