Planning Board Meeting Minutes August 24, 2022

Jun 16, 2023 | Planning Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING OF Aug. 24, 2022




William VanAlst            -Chairman

Lindsay Yoder                -Board Member

Sharon Valyear-Gray     – Board Member

Anita Taylor                  – Board Member

Paul Tenney                   – Board Member

Richard Squires              – Acting Board Member


Walt Kershenski           – Recording Secretary

Gerry Wood                 –  CEO/ZEO



Mary Ellen Schmidt      – Board Member

Carol Queal                   – Board Member




OTHERS PRESENT: Andrew Darling, David Kent, Quinton Call, Dave Stevens,  Donna Voorhees, Ron Sanford, Amy DeLillo, Ron V., Melissa Stringham, Brian Stringham, Donna Blake.


    Chairman VanAlst called the regular meeting of the Town of Stafford Planning Board to order at 7:00 p.m.  

       1: Approval July 27,  2022 Meeting Minutes:

Motion made by Board Member ValYear-Gray and  seconded by Board Member Carol Queal to accept the minutes of the July 27,  2022; Planning Board Meeting as submitted by Secretary Walter Kershenski.  Approved 6 to 0 vote.   Absent Carol; Queal and Mary Ellen Schmidt.




Application for Land Separation – David & Tonya Stephens thru agent David Kent –

Parcels on Prole Road and Horseshoe Lake Road, TMP 1.-2-58.11 and 6.-1-60.2

Real Estate Agent David Kent came forward representing Mr. David Stephens and Tonya Stephens, regarding their Land Separation Application on Prole Road and Horseshoe Lake Road.  The original application:

  • There is no need to separate TMP 1.2-55.11 as the two proposed 5 acre parcels were purchased by the same owner,
  • The Plan is to proceed with separation of tmp 6.-1-60.2 into two parcels.







  • A 6+ acre parcel containing the house, barns and pond, and the remaining 24-acre parcel. An upgraded survey map will be provided for action at the September meeting.
  • A number of adjacent landowners attended the meeting to object to the sale of TMP 6.11-62-124 as then felt that the purchasers of that parcel will utilize the land for agricultural purpose and that the runoff from that site will contaminate adjacent surface water and ground water supplies.  The ‘Stephen’s had previously kept that land fallow
  • Chairman VanAlst explained that TMP 6.-162.124 was not part of the land separation application and further that since the land was zoned Ag/Res zoning could not  prevent normal agricultural activities on that property.  It was suggested that the Town Board would be a more appropriate Board to bring these concerns to and possibly either the NYSDEC or the Dept of Ag. And Markets.
  1. Correspondence/Workshops/Reports/General Information:

AD Call Application for Land Spreading of Septage renewal of SUP.    

Brief Budget discussion

  1. Adjournment:

A Motion was made by Planning Board Member Queal

and seconded by Planning Board Member Tenney to close the Planning Board meeting at 7:50 PM.  Passed August 24, 2022 meeting  6 to 0