Zoning Board Meeting December 19, 2022

Dec 19, 2022 | Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes

 Stafford Zoning Board Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2022 

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM


Jim Balonek – Board Member                                       

Michael Lathan – Chairman 

Leslie Krajewski – Board Member

Jackie Ali – Board Member

Tim Thomas – Acting Board Member

Walt Kershenski – Recording Secretary

       Public ….. Andrew Darling, 



Crista Boldt – Board Member

Open regular Meeting at 7:02  PM

November 21, 2022 meeting minutes approval

Motion by ZBA Member Krakowski and seconded by ZBA Member Thomas to approve the minutes of the November 21, 2022 ZBA regular meeting.  

                                Passed 5 to 0.

  1. Old Business
  1. No Old Business
  1. NEW Business
  1. Approve 2023 ZBA Meeting schedule.

Stafford Zoning Board

Meeting Schedule for 2023

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM


JANUARY 16                                      JANUARY 5

FEBRUARY 20                                   FEBRUARY 9

MARCH 20                                          MARCH 9

APRIL 17                                             APRIL 6

MAY 15                                               MAY 4

JUNE 19                                              JUNE 8

JULY 17                                              JULY 6

AUGUST 21                                       AUGUST 10

SEPTEMBER 18                               SEPTEMBER 7

OCTOBER 16                                    OCTOBER 5

NOVEMBER 20                               NOVEMBER 9

DECEMBER 18                               DECEMBER 7

Meetings normally are held on the 3rd Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted, with the application deadline 7 days prior to the meeting date

Motion made by ZBA Board Member Krajewski and seconded by ZBA Board Member Thomas to approve the Stafford Zoning Board Meeting Schedule for 2023.   Motion passed 5 to 0.   

  1. Recommendation to Town Board to renew expired ZBA members terms.

Chairman Lathan discussed with the ZBA Board Members that it is time to renew specific member term expirations for the ZBA Board.  Will need to check with the Town Clerk’s records to confirm which members are up for renewal.  Will confirm at the January 2023 ZBA meeting.  Town Board will make the final decision regarding approval of renewal.  

4    Correspondence/Workshops/Reports/General Information

5    Adjournment:   

Motion was made by ZBA Member Krajewski and seconded by ZBA Member Thomas to close the public meeting at 7:25 PM.   Motion passed 5 to 0.  

Walter Kershenski ZBA Recording Secretary

Approved at the January 16. 2023 ZBA meeting